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Lent at Ephesus  – From the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, This compilation of poignant chants, intricate harmonies and rousing hymns of glory and redemption includes ‘O Sacred Head Surrounded’, made famous by Bach’s oratorios, ‘All Glory Laud and Honor’, the well known ‘Adoramus Te Christe’ and the entrancing ‘Improperia’ from the liturgy of Good Friday. Three original pieces are also featured among the generous 23 tracks. Let the vibrant purity of their monastic sound peacefully escort you through the penitential season of Lent.

Lent album from “Liturgical Folk”

Folk song style songs

Gregorian Chant Lent playlist


The Animated Passion – Your family will enjoy these two movies, appropriate even for young children, that teach about Jesus’ Crucifixion, His Resurrection and His Ascension. These high-quality, scripturally accurate stories will completely captivate children as they learn Jesus’ love and tender mercy and witness the greatest miracle of all, His Resurrection. 

Risen – is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a powerful Roman military tribune, and his aide, Lucius (Tom Felton), are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus (Cliff Curtis) in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem. Rated PG-13 for biblical violence including some disturbing images.

Son of God – From producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey comes Son of God – the most important chapter of the Greatest Story Ever Told for a whole new generation of families to enjoy. Acclaimed Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado delivers a spectacular portrayal of Jesus as this powerful and inspirational feature film depicts the life of Christ, from His humble birth through His teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

Jesus of Nazareth  – Franco Zeffirelli creates an unforgettable portrait in his legendary interpretation of the life of Jesus. Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus of Nazareth brings to life all the majesty and sweeping drama of the life of Jesus as told in the Gospels. A star- studded international cast adds depth and humanity to the roles of the saints, sinners and ordinary people who walked in the footsteps of the Lord.

No Greater Love – Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a biblical pilgrimage that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Best-selling author Edward Sri guides you through the last hours of Christ’s life. You will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Mount of Calvary. Every step of the way, Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. Experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love as you draw closer to Jesus than you ever have before.

The Passion of the Christ – Highly controversial and enormously successful, Mel Gibson’s religious biopic chronicles the last 12 hours of Jesus’ (James Caviezel) life, from his despair over the betrayal by the apostle Judas and his appearance before Pontius Pilate to a brutally depicted journey up Golgotha and his subsequent crucifixion. 

Other Lent ideas and Resources

Recipes- Looking for good meatless meals for Lent, or want to try something different? Here is a list of great ideas for the family!

Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids – Observing Lent in your home is sometimes hard. Use this Lenten calendar to help your kids know where we are in Lent. 3 options available, black and white, color and blank so you can translate to any language. 

The Jesus Tree – (Similar to the Jesse tree in Advent) Journey with Christ as a family this Lent. The Jesus Tree According to Matthew was written specifically for families and will guide your family through the entire Gospel of Matthew. This beautiful Scripture-based devotional will prepare your hearts to stand with Mary at the foot of the cross and joyfully greet the Risen Lord on Easter.

Holy Heroes– For any and all things Lent for kids and families, this is a great resources for books, devotionals, and activities.

Lenten Devotionals

The Hours of the Passion by Luisa Picaretta {Book}{Kindle}{Spanish}

The 24 Hours of the Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Magnificat Lenten Companion

 Lent is a time to refocus our hearts and revive our love of the Lord and one another. A Companion for the Forty Days of Lent (from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday) By spending a few moments meditating on the inspiring daily reflections and the short prayers that follow them, you will discover all that is true, good, and beautiful about the Catholic Faith.

Momento Mori

Remembering death daily helps us to manage the chaos of this world, work toward an earthly holiness in view of the next life, and grow closer to God.

Above All by Elizabeth Foss

Above All is designed to help you reflect on all aspects of your life, particularly those that you may have pushed to the back burner. It’s filled with tools to help you discover which areas need greater care and tending, and is meant to inspire and motivate you to become your absolute truest self, so that come Easter, you can flourish as God intended. 

Walk in Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion Through the Eyes of Women by Kelly Wahlquist

Takes you deeper into your relationship with Jesus by helping you relate to him in a profoundly intimate way. Looking at six universal gifts of women through the eyes of women in the gospels, the book guides you on a prayerful and creative journey through the days of Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

Whispers from the Cross by Anne, Lay Apostle

Anne explores the importance of the vertical relationship with Christ. This book contains locutions from Jesus about suffering and the crucifixion. It also contains reflections on the Stations of the Cross, a reflection on single parenting, and the “Purity of the Church” visions where Anne was shown of the Church in various circumstances.

Reimagining the Ignatian Examen: Fresh Ways to Pray from Your Day by Father Mark E. Thibodeaux SJ

  • Join Thibodeaux as he guides you through new and unique versions of the Examen, totally flexible and adaptable to your life. In ten minutes, you can tailor your daily prayer practice to fit your personal and situational needs, further enhancing and deepening your meditation.

Give Up Worry for Lent! – During the season of Lent, Catholics and other Christians frequently give up something they enjoy as a measure of penance or self-discipline—and often fall back into old habits at the first “Alleluia!” In Give Up Worry for Lent!, Zimak offers fellow worriers practical, scripture-centered advice on how to relinquish the need to control the uncontrollable—not just for Lent but for good—and how to find peace in Christ.

A Lenten Hobo HoneymoonTo spend Lent as a honeymoon might seem to be a contradiction in terms. Yet these forty days call us to a renewal of our romance with God. Jesus journeyed through life as a hobo, as one with “nowhere to lay his head.” Lent, likewise, calls us to be hobos, to be like HOmeward BOund Civil War veterans, working their way back to their loved ones. That contraction (Ho-Bo) reminds us that we too are homeward bound pilgrims in this life—ho-bos who cannot rest until we rest in God, our final destination. 

Let Nothing Disturb You – by Teresa of Avila

Discover the timeless spiritual counsel of St. Teresa of Avila, first woman Doctor of the Church, in an easily accessible format. In Let Nothing Disturb You, selections from Teresa’s writings have been carefully chosen and arranged for morning and evening meditation.

  • Kids
  • Rescued: My savior and Me by Olivia Spears
  • Each week of Lent, your child (ages 7-12) will walk alongside the Savior and consider His sacrifice using Sacred Scripture, sacred art, thematic activities, Saints stories, and an examination of conscience.

Daily Lenten Journey – by Charlotte Grossetête

During the forty days of Lent, the Church helps us prepare our hearts for the great feast of Easter. MagnifiKid! Daily Lenten Journey invites you to follow a daily liturgical reading and offers ways for you to grow in holiness and faith through fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.

  • Women
  • Rescued by Blessed is She
  • At the start, Lent can seem to be all about us: our repentance, our sacrifice, our self-denial, our resolution.This Lent, we’re turning our eyes back to our true foundation; we’re focusing on the Lamb of God, He who did for us what we could not do for ourselves.
  • Men
  • Born of Fire by Fr. Innocent Montgomery CFR
  • Devotional for Men is an exceptional book which weaves together stories from Franciscan Friars of the Renewal on their journey in the desert, along with meditations and reflections on seven identities which bring readers closer to Jesus. The acclaimed writing is evocative, with a beauty and emotional depth that invites the reader into prayerful contemplation and profound insights from Father Montgomery about the new life in Christ. Perfect for any man on a spiritual journey, this book is truly a must-have addition to any thoughtful man’s spiritual library!


Bringing Lent Home with Mother Theresa by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Popular author and EWTN host Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle presents a daily devotional companion for families with young children. She illustrates how to bring Lent home, doing small things with great love under the guidance of the Blessed Mother Teresa.

The Magnificat Lenten Companion

My Path to Heaven

An old-fashioned “Retreat-in-a-Book” . . . to help them ponder the truths of the Faith and live lives of holiness in accordance with those truths. Based on the traditional St. Ignatius retreat (trusted by Catholics for centuries) and adapted for children, this clear, simple, thoughtful presentation of the Faith is invaluable for parents seeking to form their children in holiness.

Brother Francis: Lent – (DVD) English and Spanish 

Daily Meditations for the Entire Family! Lent is a special time in which we draw close to God in preparation for Holy Week. We examine our hearts prayerfully and resolve to turn away from the things in our life that are not pleasing to God. The meditations you will find on this DVD will help children understand the rich meaning of the Lenten Season. This includes : A short introduction of what the Lenten season is, why we observe it, and how to grow in faith through each daily meditation. 40 animated meditations that help us in our Lenten journey as we come closer to Christ!

  • Journaling Devotions 

Restore by Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT

Take a healing journey with Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, as she helps you turn away from what wounds you and toward God who heals you and makes you whole.Restore features stunning original art by Valerie Delgado of Pax.Valerie along with daily meditations on a passage from scripture, reflection questions, guided prayer, and space for journaling and notetaking.

Stand Faithfully

This Lectio Divina  journal is designed for daily use during Lent. Starting on Ash Wednesday, Stand Faithfully will enable you to journey through this holy season by reading and meditating on Scripture, the Stations of the Cross, the Stabat Mater and the Seven Last Words of Christ. It is adorned with sacred art and sections to write a personal response. Draw near to Christ and stand faithfully with Him.

For adults or teens!

The Daily Examen Journal: A 30-Day Spiritual Retreat by Jerry Windley-Daoust

The Daily Examen Journal: A 30-Day Spiritual Retreat is for anyone who wants a guided experience of the Ignatian Examen in a beautiful journal format. Features include an introduction to the practice of the Daily Examen; 30 guided journal entries; inspirational prayers from the saints for each day’s entry; and black-and-white hand-drawn art.

The Examen Journal: Finding God in Every Day by Mary Williams

Following the format of the Examen prayer developed by St. Ignatius, The Examen Journal is a prayer tool to empower you to reflect on your daily highs and lows as a means of exploring God’s presence in your life. Meaningful questions guide your journal entries.

Made for Heaven – by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR

Begin the season with a vow of poverty and end at Easter with a heart free from the desert of sin and open to love, serve, and care for others. A life of simplicity and poverty orients you toward God’s love and reminds you that you are made for heaven. Torres says the best way to prepare yourself for that final destination is to live as true pilgrims who need to “travel lightly” and detach from earthly pleasures. 

Remember Your Death Memento Mori Journal – by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble

Remembering one’s death is an essential part of the spiritual life according to Scripture, the Church Fathers, and many of the saints. Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble has compiled this memento mori journal to help others to discover this powerful spiritual practice in their own lives. Remembering death can help you to manage the chaos of this world and work toward a holiness that will help you grow closer to God and benefit you in the next life.

Return – by Fr. Josh Burns

Reorient your mind and heart this Lent so you can more fully experience the joy of Easter—Christ’s victory over sin and death. In this beautiful guided journal for prayer and meditation, invites you to strip away your confusion, attachments, and sin so you can return to the Lord and undergo real and lasting conversion.


Examination of Conscience Guide [Children]  [Grades 6-12]

God knew we’d need help when we sin, so he gave us the sacrament of reconciliation. This pamphlet will help you understand the two kinds of sin, how sin hurts everyone, and why asking yourself some important questions about your actions, attitudes, thoughts, and words before you go to reconciliation will bring you the peace of God’s forgiveness. The steps for going to reconciliation, including the Act of Contrition, are also included.

Examination of Conscience for Little Ones by Kimberly Fries

Examination of Conscience for Little Ones leads children to recognize their sins and prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation.Whether a child is preparing for his First Reconciliation or would benefit from a guided examination for regular confession, this book is a wonderful gift.


The Paschal Mystery of Christ

Live the Paschal Mystery during these 40 days of Lent. Lectio Divina Journal for grades 6 and up, suitable for adults as well!

Lent: One Day at a Time for Catholic Teens by McGrady

The simple format offers depth without complexity and direction without pressure. Each daily devotion is based on a Bible passage that connects with a topic important to teens. Realistic and engaging spiritual guidance for Lent that includes timely topics for teens such as relationships, being your best, competition, control, fear, and forgiveness.

Come Clean: A Teen Guide to Reconciliation by LifeTeen

Come Clean is filled with tools to help prepare your heart for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and will help calm any pre-forgiveness anxiety you may be feeling. The next time you go to receive the sacrament – whether it is next week or next month – bring Come Clean along with you and don’t wait alone in the confession line.

Examination of Conscience for Teens by Charles Michael

  • This book includes a thorough and complete examination of conscience for teens based on theTen Commandments. It is a must have confession guide for everyteen. It is designed in a question format that is easy to understand and prepare for confession.

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Holy Heroes Lenten AdventureActivities for every day of Lent delivered straight to your inbox. Ages 5-12

BEST LENT EVER Each day you’ll receive a short video from Matthew Kelly full of profound spiritual insight and intensely practical ways to apply the consecration to your life. Consecration means to dedicate yourself to God and make yourself 100 percent available to Him. With three simple daily steps, you can prepare your heart, mind, and soul for this powerful surrender.

Living Lent Daily by Loyola Press

If we give ourselves fully to prayer and reflection, the days of Lent provide a wonderful opportunity to discover God’s will. Explore how to listen for God’s voice through Living Lent Daily, an email series inspired by God’s Voice Within by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ. Each day you’ll receive a message with an excerpt from the book, a prayer experience, or a reflection on discernment and decision-making.

Exodus 90: Lent Do you want to see change in the Church and world? Rather than standing by and waiting around for things to happen, we need to begin the work of renewal in our own lives. There is no greater contribution we can make than to cultivate our own personal holiness by living a life of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.


Be Healed –  Dr Bob Schuchts

Somewhere deep inside each one of us is a burning desire to finally become the person God created us to be. Do you suffer from spiritual or emotional wounds that are keeping you from reaching that goal?

Not of This World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism by Sterling Jaquith

Are you drowning in stuff? Does the clutter in your home cause you anxiety? Are you so busy that you don’t have quality time with your family or quality time with the Lord?All Catholics are called to practice minimalism. Few of us are called to take a vow of poverty so we must learn to navigate our modern society without giving into consumerism and materialism. We know we should store up treasure in the Kingdom of God, not here on Earth but what does that look like day-to-day? Follow Sterling on a journey as she explains how minimalism will bring you more peace and freedom.

Daybreaks Daily Reflections For Lent & Easter by Welborn Amy 

This Lent and Easter season, author Amy Welborn shares her own struggles and triumphs of trying to live Lent and Easter spirituality year-round. She shares how small moments of frustration can turn into small lessons of grace. We carry our own crosses alongside Jesus this season. But as we drop worldly concerns to pick up our cross, we may realize our burden has actually been lightened.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus – by Romanus Cessario, O.P.

This beautifully illustrated volume from Magnificat is the ideal gift for those who wish to understand the mystery of the Cross of Christ. Fr. Cessario’s profound and lively reflection on Christ’s last words is an invaluable companion for Lent—and a beautiful resource you will return to throughout the year.

On the Passion of Christ – by Thomas A’ KempisJoseph N. Tylenda, S.J.

In this wonderful meditation book, perfect for Lent, or any time of the year, the great spiritual writer and monk gives profound, short reflections on Gospel passages about the passion and death of Christ. Each chapter, focusing on a specific aspect of the Passion of Our Lord, gives a prayer, a meditation and spiritual advice and closes with another short prayer.

The Tears of Christ – by John Henry Newman

This precious insight takes us to the heart of the interior life of St. John Henry Newman from the treasures of which these meditations are offered as a devotional aid for the season of Lent. Drawn chiefly from his sermons and gently modernized, these meditations offer a share in the fruit of his contemplation, that we might the better enjoy with him the ”one thing which is all in all to us,” which is ”to live in Christ’s presence, to hear his voice, to see his countenance.”.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary: A Meditative Guide by Joel Giallanza CSC

Amidst her glory as the Mother of Jesus, the life of Mary was one of both great sorrow and triumph. In The Seven Sorrows of Mary, Brother Joel Giallanza, C.S.C., offers a contemporary spirituality of this traditional devotion, highlighting seven moments of suffering in Mary’s life, from Jesus’ infancy to his death on Golgotha. Giallanza demonstrates how, through her strength in these moments, she is a model for us when our lives are consumed with grief. In this practical and devotional approach, he teaches how Our Lady of Sorrows is also a guide for us in our own struggles, however difficult, as we aim to be closer to her Son.

“Eat Fast Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul” by Jay W Richards

The New York Times bestselling author and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute blends science and religion in this thoughtful guide that teaches modern believers how to use the leading wellness trend today—intermittent fasting—as a means of spiritual awakening, adopting the traditions our Christians ancestors practiced for centuries into daily life.

The Warning: Testimonies of the Illumination of Conscience by Christine Watkins

Authentic accounts of saints and mystics of the Church who have spoken of a day when we will all see our souls in the light of truth, and fascinating stories of those who have already experienced it for themselves. 


Trouble with Lent: The Adventures of Nick & Sam – by Paul McCusker

In Trouble with Lent, the fourth book of the Adventures of Nick and Sam, the Perry twins are celebrating Lent at school, at church, and with their family. The family discusses what they will be giving up for Lent, and Nick and Sam experience some struggles with their choices throughout the Lenten season. The kids learn about temptations, sacrifices, poverty, and the love of Jesus along the way. The chapters follow along the calendar for the season of Lent and lead right into the joy of Easter Sunday.


The Well; The Thief; The Tomb (3 Book series) by Stephanie Landsem

In the rich tradition of Francine Rivers’s Lineage of Grace series, comes a beautiful retelling of the biblical story of the woman at the well—bringing to life this poignant young woman struggling to survive love and heartbreak. Could he be the One we’ve been waiting for?

Awakening by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Ronni is a 21st-century American teenager who has lost her faith following the deaths of her brother and father. They died saving the life of someone she does not deem worthy, and she doubts the concept of sacrifice.  “Nothing’s worth dying for,” she declares, even Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. 

When Ronni takes ill, she awakens in 1st-century Jerusalem, two days before the crucifixion. Realizing that she knows what is going to happen to Jesus when no one else does, she goes about trying to stop the crucifixion. The questions are: Can she do it?  Should she?


A Busy Parent’s Guide To A Meaningful Lent by Morrow Maria

Mom and theologian Maria C. Morrow can relate to your sigh. Lent is a time of sacrifice, but Lent with little ones (or medium ones, or older ones) can seem like sacrifice with an extra helping of penance. Why? Because parenting comes with its own set of sacrifices, made daily. But being a busy parent doesn’t mean you (and the whole family) can’t do Lent well. A Busy Parent’s Guide to a Meaningful Lent is the book you’ve been looking for. It’s a quick, easy Lenten resource that starts your day off with Scripture-focused reflection and prayer – and achievable ideas to help busy parents make the most of Lent.

My path to heaven

The King of the Golden City by Mother Mary Loyola

Get this book and read it to your family. You won’t regret it. It is a literary work of art that teaches us about why we are in this land of Exile before we can enter the King’s Golden City. Spiritual guidance for Souls young and old. Initially written to help with preparation for First Communicants, it is a perfect story for Lent. 

Lent Easter Book – by Arbogast Joan

The Lent-Easter Book is the answer for teachers and parents who want to make these seasons powerful renewals of Christian life for their children, create meaningful family traditions, and celebrate the season in the classroom and home with handmade kid-friendly crafts, gifts, and recipes.

Stations of the Cross

Everyone’s Way of the Cross by Clarence Enzier 

The Via Crucis, The path for all to the cross,” by Clarence Enzler is a fine model for one of the most popular traditions. This version of the Stations of the Cross is extremely simple and practical; I recommend it for personal or community use.” –Most Reverend Ricardo Ramirez, Bishop of Las Cruces

Stations of the Cross Story Book by Catholic Sprouts

The Stations of the Cross Story Book is a family-friendly version of the Stations of the cross that can be read as a story book or used for the formal Way of the Cross Devotion.

Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross by Edward Sri

Dr. Sri makes a convincing argument to pray the Stations of the Cross the whole year round with reflections, artwork, and history that Catholics are sure to enjoy. 

Stations of the Cross by REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK, S.V.D.

This book by beloved author Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D., introduces the Stations of the Cross to Catholic children. These the features of this book full-color illustrations depicting the Stations of the Cross and a prayer to Jesus in each of the fourteen Stations and a final prayer