Parish Life

Get Involved

There are many ways to become more involved with your parish. One great way is to help out at Mass. At the Cathedral these roles include Extrodinary Minister of Holy Communion, lector, server and usher. If you have a talent for singing you might also consider joining the choir. If you are interested in any of these ministries please contact the parish office at

Committees and Groups

There are several committees and groups that you can join in the Cathedral to share your talents with our parish community or to develop a closer relationship with your fellow parishioners.  Learn more >


FORMED is a wonderful resource of Catholic video, audio and text resources to help you grow in your Catholic Faith.  As a parishioner of the Cathedral you can enjoy all of the resources at no cost to you.  Join now >

Prayer Request

Prayer is a vital component of the Catholic Faith.  At the Cathedral we would like to remember the prayers of our parishioners and people of the larger community.  If you have an intention that you would like us to pray for, please share it with us here.


Service in our community is another way that we can live out our Catholic Faith.  At the Cathedral we have a Front Door Ministry to provide assistance to those in need.  Learn more about the Front Door Ministry and other ways the we help our community.


The sacraments are an essential part of our Catholic Faith.  Learn about the sacraments and how they are celebrated at the Cathedral.


Purchase gift cards to area businesses that you frequent and reap the reward of tuition credit! Don’t have kids/grandkids in the ACS school system?  Consider making a ‘free’ donation to Cathedral Church by purchasing scrip cards.  Everyone needs gas and groceries, just purchase your Festival/Woodmans or Walmart cards before you go shopping and your rebate will come back to the Cathedral, and it didn’t cost you a thing! Learn More >